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Pricing Information


Pricing Information For The
Computer Aided Vision Therapy Software


The Computer Aided Vision Therapy software was designed for both office and home use by professionals who are familiar with vision therapy procedures and techniques. The CAVT programs are not sold to individuals. The Home Therapy Disks can only be purchased through licensed professionals.


The Programs of Computer Aided Vision Therapy:


Track & Read $245
Computer Vergences $245
Visual Thinking 101 $245
Visual Information Processing Skills $245
Save $300!!
     All 4 Modules of the CAVT Suite are only $680
Save $300!!
     Buy Any 3 Modules for only $535


To order your CAVT Suite, please go to:


Home Therapy Disks


Home Therapy Disks can be also be purchased for each module that you own. The home disks contain the exact same program as the office version, except Home Disks are limited to 6 months of use. In the NEW 4.1 Home Therapy Disks control parameters for each procedure can be saved. When your patient restarts the the therapy procedure, they will be able to pick up where they left off. Scores are not saved, only the control parameters.


** You must own the office version of a module before Home Therapy Disks Can be purchased for that module. **


For Home Therapy Disk Pricing Information Contact Bernell at 1-800-348-2225